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Consumers First, or America First?

By Xu Qinduo

The UK decision to work with Huawei on its 5G rollout is seen as a fact-based and common sense approach.

Huawei has been in the UK for 15 years with a solid record of strictly observing the local laws and regulations. For the last 10 years, Huawei technology has been tested independently by the UK government.

Consumers First, or America First?

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There’s no evidence leading to such a speculation, which the US wishes us to believe, that the use of Huawei technology will somehow put British security at risk.

Such an accusation goes against logic. Just like other companies, Huawei values its good reputation. Why should it involve itself in anything that may damage its image?

The highly anticipated outcome shows that the UK is capable of making decisions based on its national interests, despite the unprecedented pressure from the United States.

It will benefit the UK consumers the most, as they’ll be able to access cutting-edge telecom equipment with the best price offered by Huawei.

For other countries under similar pressure from Washington, the UK choice will likely serve as guidance in their decision-making process: consumers first or America first?

Note: Xu Qinduo is a current affairs commentator with China Plus. The article reflects the author's own views.

China Plus Published:2020-01-3000:08:34

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